Assos is a prominent place with its crystal clean sea and ancient settlement, where the philosophy school of Aristo, one of the important names of Ancient Greek Philosophy, is located.

Historical and touristic significance of the route: Assos is an important region with its crystal clear beaches along the Aegean coast and Behramkale, which was one of the important centers in ancient times. Aristotle lived here for 3 years and established a philosophy school here. Behram Village, where life still continues on the edge of the ancient city, is one of the places worth seeing.

Behram Village

Behram Village is 92 km from Çanakkale city center and 15 km from Ayvacık district center. It is located on an old volcano cone. Tuzla Stream is located to the north of the village, Edremit Bay to the south and the island of Lesbos, which belongs to Greece, behind the Aegean Sea. The Ottoman-era Hüdavendigar bridge, located on the Tuzla stream just below the Behram village, is one of the places worth seeing.

The Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque

The Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque, built by the Ottoman Sultan Murat Hüdavendigar I, located in Assos Behram Village, is still standing with its 7-century history.

Behramkale Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque, built in the 14th century during the 1st Murat period, is located on the left side just before the ruins when following the streets extending from Behramkale Village to Assos Ancient City. The mosque, which has a square plan and a single dome, is decorated with fine geometric motifs.

You should definitely see Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque as one of the historical stops on your Assos tour.


Behramkale (Assos Ancient City) is a large city that has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Since the ancient city of Assos is located on an extinct volcanic hill, andesite stone, which is difficult to process but extremely durable, was used in its construction. The sarcophagi made in this city were very famous in the ancient world and they were called "man-eating sarcophagi" because they quickly turned the body into soil. Sarcophagi were sent to many parts of Anatolia from Assos. Thrakia, Lydia, the Persian Empire, Gauls, the Kingdom of Pergamon and the Byzantine Empire, in this ancient city where many great states ruled today, the Athena Temple in the Acropolis, the Byzantine walls, the Hüdavendigar Mosque, the archaic ancient road at the foot of the acropolis and the tombs on both sides, the city walls. Gymnasion, Agora, Stoa, Bouleuterion, theater and church are the places that have survived partially.

The 3000-year-old historical city offers you a stroll through the ages. The ancient city of Behramkale bears the traces of many civilizations from Lydians to Persians, from Alexander to Ottomans.

Assos Antique Port

The port, which was used in the trade of various products such as andesite stone and sarcophagus in ancient times, was used in the acorn trade in the 1950s. After the removal of the use of acorns in the paint pigment, the buildings used as acorn storage in the region were transformed into boutique accommodation facilities. The restorations made due to its location in the protected area did not spoil the historical texture and preserved its historical texture until today.

In Assos Antique Port, you can both stay and swim in the facilities it contains while feeling the breeze of ancient times.

Kadırga Bay

Kadırga Bay is one of the largest among many bays in the Assos region. Today, it provides camping, accommodation and daily beach services.

Kadırga is located just south of Assos, 2 km by road. away from Assos, it is one of the main places preferred to stay and swim. The cove beach, descending from a road full of olive trees, consists of small stones such as sand. The sea is crystal clear. As well as the beaches of the camping areas and accommodation facilities on the beach, it also has a large area where you can use your own marine supplies.

In Kadırga Bay, you can either benefit from the accommodation facilities or you can set up your own umbrella and swim. You can cool off in the sea at Kadırga Bay, read a book while sitting on the beach and have a pleasant time and relax.

Sivrice Bay

It is a beautiful beach and accommodation area 10 km from Assos to Babakale. Sivrice Bay, Bay is a beautiful and secluded place where you can swim. You can swim here, and complete the day by eating fish in wooden-table restaurants. Since Sivrice bay is one of the closest points to Lesbos Island, it has a beautiful island view in the open air. There is also a library in the lighthouse building at the end of Sivrice bay.

Sivrice Bay is one of the more calm and secluded bays of Assos region compared to other bays. Here you can swim, watch the island of Pony and have a pleasant time.