Kordon Tour From Clock Tower to Özgürlük Parkı 

Çanakkale Kordonboyu is worth to be seen with its history as well as its nature in Çanakkale City Center. You will see historical artifacts heritage from Ottoman, find brief information about Troy, get information about ceramics that was a regional art of Çanakkale and you will have a pleasant time watching the view of Dardannelles in this route.

Historical Clock Tower

Historical Clock Tower is located across Anzac Hotel. It has beed built by Cemil Pasha in 1897 – 1898 in Sultan II. Abdülhamid period. It is written in some sources that 10.000 gold had been given for construction by Italian Vitalis Gaptirole who was the Consul and Merchant in Çanakkale at that period.

Sons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience ExhibitionSons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience Exhibition

You will find all kind of brief information about Gallipoli Wars.

Sons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience Exhibition offers all visitors an attarctive interactive experiance about Gallipoli Wars. This interactive museum had been too many international awards on its own field.

Sons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience Exhibition is located on Ferry Square that one of the most important center of Çanakkale. Sons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience Exhibition is an important start point of entering Gallipoli Wars history.

Troy Horse Replica and Troy City Model

This replica was brought to our city and exhibited this square after Troy movie that Brad Pitt was starring. The model of Troy city layer 6th is located next to the horse.

The City of Troy is the most important one among various ancient settlements identified by archaeologists in the region known as Biga Peninsula that was loocated among Marmara Sea, Dardanelles and Edremit Gulf. 9 settlement phases have been identified as a result of the archaeological researches carried out in Hisarlık Mound. The first settlement was reached up to 3000 BC. and successive civilizations had been continued untill Roman Period.

Piri Reis Map

You will see the world map includes Atlantic Ocean, Iberian Penninsula, West of Africa and East of America.

Piri Reis was born in Gallipoli District of Çanakkale in aproximately among 1465-70. Piri Reis is a Turkish seaman who was achieved success long years in Ottoman Navy. He wrote Nautical Book and drew World Map twice according to his notes of naval expeditions.
You will see World Map of Piri Reis and find information about his life below his statue.

Golf Cafe

Golf Cafe is a peace place for cheating with friends and drink hot or cold stuff when you would like to have a break by the Dardanelles.
You can have a rest at the end of Kordonboyu in Golf Cafe. If you have children, there is also children playground.

Ceramics Museum

This historical building was build as Military Bath in 1904. During the British occupation in 1919, it was named the English bath. Ceramics Museum was opened in 2013. Main Theme of exhibition is traditional Çanakkale Ceramics. Production processes of ceramic masters trained in traditional master-apprentice relationship were included the collection with its documents. Expression of the culture of ceramics as well as Turkish bath culture together was aimed in Museum - Place setup.
17 exhibitions, 2 Workshops, 8 Fair Organizations and 2 ceramic design competitions were carried out till today.

Özgürlük Park and Cafe

Özgürlük Park and Cafe is a recreation area on top of a hill that includes dardannelles panaroma.
After a trip, when you get tired you will feel the peace on Özgürlük Park. It is an indispensable place for families because of its great outdoor playground for children.