Ida Mountain

Historical and touristic importance of the route: Kaz Mountains are one of the few centers with the most abundant oxygen production in the world after the Alps. Kaz Mountains, which have many trees and plants, especially Red Pine, Black Pine, Beech, Fir, Chestnut Oak, Kizilagac, Plane trees, are the highest mass of the Biga peninsula with a height of over 1700 meters, separating Çanakkale and Balıkesir provinces. In addition to its natural importance, the Kaz Mountains are also of great importance in terms of history. As it is included in Homer's epic Iliad, in Greek Mythology, the Kaz Mountains (Mount Ida) are the place where the first world beauty contest was held when Paris gave the Golden Apple to Aphrodite. As a result of this competition, it caused the Troia War. In terms of ancient history, the region has hosted cities such as Thebe city, Lyrnessos city, Khrysa city, Killa City, Anderia city, Antandros city, Adramytteion city, Astrya city, Gargara city, many of which were destroyed during the Troia wars

Bayramiç Ayazma Recreation Area

Ayazma Recreation Area, located in the Kaz Mountains of Çanakkale and even the world, is one of the most beautiful recreation facilities of Kaz Mountains with its unique tall trees and ice-cold waters.

The Ayazma Promenade, which was declared as a Nature Park in 2011, is located among tall trees around the holy spring and provides the opportunity to relax in the unique nature.

You can cool off in the Ayazma spring in Ayazma Promenade, have a pleasant time relaxing here and explore nature by hiking.

Yeşilyurt Village

While the historical Yeşilyurt Village, which has come to the present from centuries ago, carries you to the past with its architectural structure, it is also one of the attractive spots with its proximity to the sea.

Yeşilyurt Village, where both sea and mountain tourism is experienced together with its dense vegetation on the foothills of Kaz Mountains, is an oxygen tent that is only 3 km from the sea shore. The houses in the village are the best examples of stone architecture. The pathways of Yeşilyurt Village create an ideal track for those who love to walk. The village, with its slopes adorned with almond trees, medicinal plants, flowers and herbs that emit dizzying scents, is a real healing source especially for asthma and heart patients. The historical mosque, located in the square of the village where Greeks once lived, draws attention with its minaret. Since Greek masters worked in the construction of this mosque, this interesting structure resembles a church rather than a mosque.

In Yesilyurt Village, you can have a pleasant time with both nature and history.

Adatepe Village

Adatepe Village, which is 3.5 km away from Küçükkuyu, is like a photograph from the past, with its stone houses made of high walls and cool shady streets on the slopes of Kaz Mountains. On the western slopes of Mount Ida, Adatepe, which offers images that will not leave your eyes for a long time, is at the northern end of the Edremit Bay, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level and in an area very close to holiday centers. Adatepe Village, which is under protection as a natural and historical protected area, is at the western end of Kaz Mountains, known for its high oxygen rate, and in a position overlooking the Aegean Sea, surrounded by olive groves and pine forests. One of the striking features of Adatepe is that it is the production center of olive milk, which is beneficial for health. You should also visit the Zeus Altar at the entrance of Adatepe Village.

If you are looking for a calm, warm and friendly environment in touch with nature and history by getting away from the noise and stress of the cities, Adatepe Village is for you.

The Zeus Altar

In mythology, it is estimated by researchers in accordance with Homer's Iliad that the altar of the Chief God Zeus is here.

In the Iliad, Homer mentions that the Gods lived on Mount Ida and that they watched and ruled the Trojan War from here. It is also in this epic that Zeus, the God of Gods, lived here and watched and ruled the war. Researchers working in the region also think that this high place, built on a hill overlooking the sea and Edremit gulf, belongs to the chief god Zeus. The area defined as the Zeus Altar on Dede Hill was created by processing the rock mass. This rock mass is reached by a ladder consisting of hollow steps into the rock. There are altar niches, sitting platforms and a cistern space carved into it. This cistern, which is the size of a room under the altar and contains water, is called Zeus Cave.

The Zeus altar, still preserving its sacredness today, is worth seeing.

Mıhlı Waterfall

When you proceed about 10 km towards the source of Mıhlı Stream, which gives abundance to Küçükkuyu, you will reach the Mıhlı waterfall and promenade area. This is one of the most abundant regions in terms of Oxygen.

Mıhlı Stream, which gives life to Küçükkuyu, is one of the must-see places with its generous natural beauty. The Başdeğirmen area, which you encounter 5 km after the road leading to the region, is a famous promenade. The abundance of the Mihli Stream has served the soil so much that the sky cannot be seen from the trees. There is a mill from the Greeks here. The mill, whose waterways and stones were preserved, was restored. An arched bridge from the Roman period accompanies this mill. A few kilometers after the mill, there is a wonderful pond that can be swimming, and a wonderful waterfall flowing into this pond.

You will get away from the city and be alone with nature and history in the Mihli promenade area. This is one of the most ideal places to cool off, especially on hot summer days.